My Name Is Joshua Burke

And I Work With Winning Businesses to Optimise and Automate Digital Marketing Campaigns; Shaving Tens of Thousands of Dollars Off Their Marketing Budget Whilst Delivering More Qualified Leads Than Ever Before

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It’s 2019; Do You Know How Much Money You’re Still Wasting On Bad Marketing?

Without knowing a single thing about you or your business I already know that 30-70% of your marketing budget is a complete waste. Nada. Zilch. No outcome.

This is because if you’re not already fully invested in marketing automation and optimisation (and few businesses are) then not only are you behind the curve and missing out on an incredible boost to your revenue but you’re also bleeding money in exchange for making Facebook and Google share-holders incredibly happy with their quarterly performance.

In fact, if you don’t currently have a full-time marketing gun running constant A/B Testing and Segmentation backed up with data-driven analytics and budget optimisation then I can guarantee that you’re getting a fraction of the qualified leads you should be attracting and driving your sales team absolutely nuts!

Fortunately, with the right person driving your growth; there are proven optimisation strategies which you can apply to your business that allow you to cut out the money sinks which are preventing you from hitting 2x, 5x or even 10x your current revenue.

This is where I come in; I use my years of experience building businesses to completely optimise every part of your marketing and sales system to produce results that have allowed my clients to enjoy significant drops in their cost per lead, time to acquisition, engagement and reporting costs all wrapped up with incredible increases in their revenue that smash their quarterly goals.

Metricon Homes

This multi-billion dollar company had a massive marketing budget to spend on their Dual-Occ and Knock-down New Build campaigns but were consistently unable to reduce their CPL to the levels that would achieve the exponential growth needed by their Sales team.

I took their entire campaign, copy and lead generation strategy and revamped it; with an intense data-driven approach allowing me to identify the most unprofitable segments which were stopping this industry juggernaut from converting. This incredible decrease in lead-cost followed by an up-tick in engagement meant a significant win for the campaign with close to 3x as many leads generated with no additional marketing spend.


Cost Per Lead

Continuous campaign spend optimisation resulted in acquisition costs coming down 2.4x allowing Metricon to nearly triple the number of generated leads with no additional marketing spend.


National Campaigns

Both campaigns used interest targeting and optimisation to drill into the very best leads providing high quality conversion opportunities targeting a highly engaged national audience.

Why Is This Happening To Your Business?

It’s incredibly simple, actually…

Most businesses get to where they are with a “whatever works” approach which works when you’re just getting started but introduces inefficiencies, extra overheads and unnecessary costs which stop your growth in its tracks and force you to throw more money at every problem.

In fact, many of the businesses that I’ve worked with have all suffered from some combination of the above – with the end result being that they’re unable to innovate, become agile or scale efficiently with the end result being that they’re wasting up to 70% of their marketing spend and have no system in place to re-activate existing or past clients meaning they’re missing out on low-hanging fruit which could increase their bottom line by up to 400% percent!

Even the biggest companies – yes, the household-name behemoths with billion dollar market caps – have introduced so much bloat over the years that they have entire departments dedicated to managing the additional overhead; killing their conversions, reducing the ability of their sales staff to produce results, and burning through their marketing budget throwing dollar after dollar against the wall hoping to see what sticks!

Champion Bets

This long-established company in the gaming industry wanted to dramatically increase their number of subscriptions and re-activate their existing members but were struggling to profitably reinvest into marketing – hampering their growth despite their evangelical customers and fantastic profit.

I utilised a series of marketing automations and customer re-activation campaigns along with a removal of unprofitable customer segments to focus on the top 20% of their client base which were bringing in 80% of their revenue. Over a 12 month period Champion Bets saw their monthly revenue explode into five figures alongside a 400% increase in total customer subscriptions.


Monthly Revenue

Marketing new and improved products only to their top customer segment alongside automated and triggered marketing messages saw an incredible 3.6x bump to Champion Bet’s monthly revenue.


Subscriptions Per Client

Both campaigns used interest targeting and optimisation to drill into the very best leads across Australia before passing them through a series of direct sales marketing funnels.

How Do I Convert This Weakness Into a Strength And Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars?

It all comes down to the Pareto Principle:

80% of your sales will come from 20% of your clients; so why are you throwing away your money targeting the rest?

The secret to my success is to viciously target only the segments of your market that produce you a clear ROI:

Tyre kickers who always promise to call you back but never do? Gone!

Demographics that simply don’t engage with your copy or sales funnel? Annihilated.

Ads that cost thousands of dollars a week to run but don’t seem to produce enough revenue to pay for themselves? Shuffled off this mortal coil.

Newsletter subscribers that hog up your list yet never open your emails? Off to meet their maker!

I have a myriad of tools at my disposal that give me cold hard numbers when it comes to making these tough decisions; and once the smoke has cleared you’ll be left only with the core group of clients who are frothing at the mouth ready to pull out their wallets for you…


If you’re not already spending $10,000 or More A Month on Digital Marketing…

Then there’s simply very little that I can do for you.

I just don’t have the time to bring on more than a handful of clients at any one time; and let’s be frank – if you don’t care enough about your business to already be investing into your marketing, then how can I be expected to achieve the same results I’ve netted for my previous clients?

In fact, I only work with companies who are already established and need an expert to take them up to the next level – that’s where I can provide the most amount of value and deliver stand-out results.

I promise that I’ll devote every ounce of my effort into cutting the slack from your marketing system whilst saving you an incredible amount of money, but in return I only want to work with the thirstiest companies; the businesses who are ready and willing to invest into their long-term growth and “get” that I’m offering them a golden rocket to dominating their niche.

So if this sounds like you, and you’re as excited as I am to pop open the hood and take a look at how I can turn your Toyota Corolla into a Rolls Royce, click the button below to book a free Growth Strategy Session with me.